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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Amy has requested that I give my videos a rating so that I can be careful about scarring young viewers. I personally think that Photographic Memories could've helped Jack learn to deal with death, loss, love, and many other aspects of life and I find it appalling that she would censor my art. But I will comply and inform you that the following video is rated PG-13, for violence, loud music, and Kyle Clark.

We shot this video a couple years ago while I was living at Tim's. Someone actually called the cops on us because they saw Kyle running down the street with guns in his hands. The cop was really cool and thought the video was a funny idea. He even gave us his card and told us to send him a copy when we finished it. Sadly, we never did. I lost some of the footage and we never finished it. So here it is in all it's partial glory.
I also fixed a feature on the blog so that now anyone can add a comment. Before you had to have a Google account to add a comment but now anyone can add one. So comment away.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today is a very special day; the grand premier of Photographic Memories. This movie was shot in 2004 and I never finished editing it. Last night I was working on some video stuff and decided to finish the last minute of it so that I could debut it to the world. This video features award winning performances by Nick Breitbart, Justin Bowen, Lauren Wallace, and myself. Take a minute, grab a kleenex, and escape in to the world of Photographic Memories.

I have my second day of school tonight. It is nice only having to go one day a week. I need to go work on some MSM stuff and then write a paper. I have been in school my whole life and it is looking as though I will continue to be at school, in some regard, until I retire. Perhaps then I will achieve my life-long goal of being prom king like Tyler Moxley. If only.

Also, here is the Big Snow video that I promised:

Monday, January 29, 2007

I bought the new Dustin Kensrue CD yesterday. He is the lead singer for Thrice but he made a solo album. It is great. It's like Justin McRoberts, meets Rocky Votolato, meets Johnny Cash. I would highly recommend it. He's great, like frilled shark great.

Today I was going to post the Big Snow 2005 video but it wasn't working very well so, being 2 days removed from my 1 year and 7 month anniversary, I decided to post a clip from my wedding DVD. My friends Justin and James filmed the wedding and I edited it.

In other news, I am going with 20 middle schoolers (and 9 other leaders) to Hume Lake on Friday. 14 guys and 6 girls. Quite the ratio. It should be fun but a bit nerve racking actually having to lead a whole trip. Hopefully no kids get hurt. I have found that I am probably the greatest threat to the students well being. I hit a 6th grader in the face twice with a battle ball the other day. It was real bad. My goal is to be gentle on the trip and bring these kids home alive (at least the boys, they are the future). Wish me luck.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ok, so I am a bit obsessed with this freaky shark. I was sort of getting over it until I found this video which rekindled my weird obsession. I have had nightmares less scary.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I wish this was a joke. This "shark" was captured off the coast of Tokyo this week. Here is a link to the news story. The picture looks fake but turns out that this thing is real. Evidently some fisherman saw it while, well, fishing.Normally the "frilled shark", as it is known, is found at depths that humans cannot go to but this guy (really, it's a girl) was sick and ended up in the shallows. It is a prehistoric beast that makes me harken to days of old. Enjoy your day. Stay out of the shallows.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So lately I have received a bunch of free music-via the internet and friends-but I have have begun to feel a bit convicted about it though. Last week I got leaked copies of Fall Out Boy's new CD, "Infinity on High", and Relient K's new CD, "Five Score and Seven Years Ago." Both CD's do not come out for at least a month but I justified getting them early because I will end up buying them when they come out for real. I talked to Mel about it and she asked me how I would feel if someone stole or copied one of the DVD's that I made or something like that. It is the same thing and I can't really justify it anymore. So here's to no more leaked CD's and free music. I am in the process of going through the songs on my computer and deleting songs that I have previously pilfered. Kind of a bummer but it is the right thing to do.

By the way, the new Fall Out Boy is amazing and the Relient K isn't bad either.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I just had a meeting with Barley, Deej, and Tim Putney. It was good times. A bit early for my liking (7!) but what can you do. We chatted and prayed for the church and ministry stuff. I have Bible study with Cody in a bit but I am gonna study until then. This isn't really studying though I guess.

Here is the TV show that I produce for a local mortgage broker:

It airs on local broadcast television (Comcast, ch. 26) on Friday nights at 8pm. I need to fix the online video quality. It is really pixelated. Watch a bit if you would like.

Yesterday I met with Tim Johnston because he is going to be speaking next Wednesday for the MSM. Tim is a 19 year old guy who recently came to know the Lord after years of gang involvement, substance abuse, and jail time, among other things. His testimony was insane. It was so cool to see how Jesus really changed his life. He accepted Christ while in jail and was baptized on the mission trip this summer to Arizona. He said that while he was in jail, "Jesus grabbed a hold of his heart." I thought that was such cool terminology. The idea of Jesus grabbing hold of his heart and not letting go, forgiving him of all of his past sins, and giving him a new life. A life that he won't return to. The Bible literally changed his life.

I think that I often take Christ and the Bible for granted. I strip it of its power by acknowledging it merely as a book or a study tool rather than something that can grab hold of my heart and change my life. I was both inspired and challenged by what Timmy shared with me. I went running last night in the dark for the first time in a long time and just prayed and asked God to do that to me. To grab hold of my heart. It wasn't like I was coming to faith for the first time but it was more of an awakening. A realization that I often go through the motions. I don't let the Bible and the Lord change my life. I need to do that more often. I need to let Jesus grab hold of my heart.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have school orientation tonight. I am not super excited to be going back to school again but I do feel that this is what God wants me to do so in that sense I am okay with it. It's just that I have been going to school for going on 20 years now. Needless to say, I have packed about as much knowledge in my head as I would like to for now but God has other plans. I am going to be getting my teaching credential and a master's degree in education.

Here is a video that my friend Derek and I did for our show at Cal State Hayward. It is sort of a mockumentary on paintballing. It is pretty funny, especially when Nick Breitbart talks about his love of the game and his experiences. Josh is great too. So funny.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This morning as I was turning in to a parking space in the church parking lot my car slid about 3 feet. Turns out the parking lot was a giant black ice skating rink. I got out of the car and glided to the front door. It was majestic.

In addition to the lovely black ice, there is snow on Mt. Diablo. This truly is a Winter Wonderland.

Today I am posting a video that I did for a project in college. It is a mini-documentary about Justin and a couple of his friends and their gymnastical endeavors. It is entertaining and about 100x better than the past few videos I have posted. If you have a second, escape in to the world of "Gymeriffic!"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It has been super cold the past couple of days. Last night Mel and I took Bauer on a walk at my parents at around 7 and there was ice in the gutters. It had to have been high 20's, low 30's. It was nuts.
We then proceeded to watch 24. Why did Jack have to shoot Curtis! Just another example of 24 keeping the black man down (and on MLK day no less!). In honor of Curtis and the cold weather, here are a couple video clips from years past:

This is a short movie that we made during Big Snow 1999. It features Paul Doerner, Charlie and Kevin Meng, Aaron Mayerson, and myself. It is horrible.

This is a video that was used to promote Big Snow 2004. It features footage from 1997, 1998, & 1999. There are some good wipe outs and Jamie Fox.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Mel and I went to Bass Lake for the weekend with our young marrieds small group (The Foster's, Moog's, Moxley's, and Mayerson's). It was a lot of fun. Some of us stayed at Natalie's parents house and some of us stayed at the house across the street. The neighbors rented us the cabin for $100 for the weekend. It was a steal.

The weather was pretty clear, but super cold. It topped out in the mid-30's during the day and dropped to the teens during the night. We spent the days playing tons of games and watching football. I must've played Scrabble 12 times.

We went to the snow on Saturday with the Moxley's. It was Jack's first time in the snow so it was fun to be able to experience that with them. He seemed to enjoy it although in the first minute he fell and did a complete face plant in the snow. He was less than pleased.

James Koch lives up at Bass Lake and he hung out with us a majority of the time. In honor of him and the snow I am posting an announcement video from 1999 that we filmed for the high school group for Big Snow. The video features Kyle Clark, Andy Shaw, and James Koch (I filmed it). This may be the worst piece of video ever. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Charlie and I performing "Wendy" at Starbucks last Christmas.

Today I unveil yet another video from the Living the Dream Productions vault. I believe that we made this video in 2002. It is pretty funny, in the same lame sense that all of these videos are funny. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I worked for the A's for a number of years and while attending Cal State Hayward, I was able to interview pitcher Tim Hudson for a college TV show that I hosted. Here is a segment from the footage that aired as part of the hit show, "As We See It."

I stumbled across some of my old videos last night and decided to post them online. First off we have the epic film, "The Other Brother." This movie features myself, my brother, Nick Breitbart, Dan Gillette, and Josh Perry. It is probably the second thing that I ever edited. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Top 10 Albums of 2006:
1. Mute Math -"Self-Titled"
2. Underoath - "Define the Great Line"
3. Saves the Day - "Sound the Alarm"
4. Leeland - "Sound of Melodies"
Mat Kearney "Nothing Left to Lose"
6. Rocky Votolato - "Makers"
7. Shiny Toy Guns - "We Are Pilots"
8. Sleeping at Last - "Keep No Score"
9. Switchfoot - "Oh! Gravity."
10. Sufjan Stevens - "Christmas EP's"

Honorable Mention:
The Killers - "Sam's Town"
Taking Back Sunday - "Louder Now"
Cartel - "Chroma"
Emery - "The Question"
Happy new year! For some reason it feels like 2007 has been here for a while. I have accidentally been writing it for about a month now. It must be because I am so advanced or perhaps due to my ability to travel through time.

Mel and I are going to a cabin at Bass Lake tomorrow with her mom's side of the family. It is a late Christmas get together. It should be fun. Funny thing is, the following weekend we will be going back to Bass Lake to stay at the Foster's (Ben and Natalie's parents) with our small group. Should be an eventful next couple of weeks.

Here is a picture from new years.