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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cut a Tree for Your Tomorrow

I sorta miss blogging. As impersonal as it is, I feel it is a bit more intimate than something like Facebook. I suppose a good old fashion face to face conversation is still the way to go though. I go back to work tomorrow after a week off. I enjoy my job but it has been a nice respite to be at home with the fam. We went to Frosty Farms Christmas Tree (place?) in Sebastopol yesterday as you can see below.

First Annual Christmas Tree Cutting from dan bowen on Vimeo.

It was a lot of fun. My family and Mel's enjoyed the experience. Both kids have been fighting sickness and it seems like I have been sick for the month of November. It seems like this because I have. I got antibotics yesterday and am feeling better now, but the illnesses were an unwelcome guest at our first annual tenenbaum slaughter. Life continues to be blessed for us. Mel reluctantly goes back to work on Wednesday. She too enjoys her job as a teacher, but much prefers her job as mommy. Below you will see another video. I wanted to capture the bizarre spectacle that takes place on a regular basis in our home. That would be Tate eating entire tomatoes. Whole. He is the first person (and likely last) I have ever seen do this. Enjoy.

Tate eats a whole tomato from dan bowen on Vimeo.

If you are looking for any good books, Mel and I both read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller (his latest book) last week and loved it. I have already purchased 3 copies to give away as gifts. I bought The Road by Cormac McCarthy on Friday at 8pm and finished it tonight. It was really dark and depressing, but amazing. I can't wait to see the movie. I am in the middle of several books right now (Peace Like a River and Friday Night Lights) but The Road sucked me in (plus I was sick so I had a ton of time on my hands) and took precedence over the other books I was reading. Enough trying to sound smart. Off to bed (yes it's like 9:20!). I will try to be more on top of this blog like the good old days. Christmas pictures and more video coming soon. I love my new camera!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Camera - Canon 7D

Mel, Tate & Lyla (Canon 7D test footage) from dan bowen on Vimeo.

Here is some test footage that I put together. I just got a Canon 7D (the camera they use for the SNL digital shorts) and I love it. Enjoy.

Halloween and Hiking

Well November is here and that means only one more month before I return to work on Dec. 2 :-( I have so enjoyed this time off with my precious kids and I'm very thankful to have had this time! This past weekend was an eventful one, as we celebrated Halloween. Tate was a puppy and Lyla was a kitty. They looked very cute as you can see in the pictures. Tate actually had a great time trick or treating. Dan took all of his candy to school to give to the High school students :-) Next year we might not be able to make the candy disappear quiet as easy. I'm sure Tate will inquire about his candy next year! On Sunday we decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and went hiking. Our new house is only two minutes away from a hiking trail that turned out to be really beautiful! We are enjoying our new home and all that Dublin has to offer!

Our Pellet Stove Works!!

Thanks to my dad, our Pellet stove is now working! He found it on Craig's list for us and spent the weekend installing it. It is so nice to have a handy father who lives only three minutes away! After Dan took these pictures, I made my dad wear glasses and a shirt as a mask! He was very dirty!! Thanks again dad! The stove works great!