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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Healthy Baby - Sick House

I know my posting has been a bit intermittent lately, but blogging has taken the backseat to "real life." We have been hard at work on the new house. Right now it is completely gutted. No bathrooms. No kitchen. No nothing (I suppose that technically no nothing means that there is in fact something and technically that would be correct). My dad and Mark have done a ton of work. Melissa's grandpa Herb has been up a few times working under the house. He says he is working on the plumbing but considering the pipes and tools I have seen him take under there, he could in fact be building a bomb. While I am giving shout-outs to those who have helped, I should mention my brother, Chris and Tyler, Travis, and Brent who have all donated their time as well. We are so excited to move in! I have even begun practicing my ghetto slang to use on the hard streets up Dublin. We don't have a definitive move-in date yet, but we hope to be in there soon. Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick Baby!

So this winter has been rough for us. We have all been fighting various viruses/infections since December! Tate has been sick almost every weekend for the past month! A cold, a sinus infection (treated with anti-biotics), the flu and this weekend another fever! The doctor said it is perfectly normal for kids to have 7-10 colds in a winter, especially when your parents are teachers. He thinks we bring things home to Tate without even knowing. Poor guy has really been miserable and we hope he gets better soon! Thanks to all of you who have been praying for the little guy! dan will be home with him tomorrow and I will most likely be with him Tuesday. As the pictures demonstrate, Tate has been rather subdued these past few weeks and has spent an inordinate amount of time watching Elmo. It is the only kids DVD we own so it is safe to say Dan and I are a little sick of Elmo. Tate however has watched it several times and doesn't seem to mind! Thanks for the DVD Auntie Lolly and Uncle Paul! Tate loves it! Hopefully our next post will have some better news :-)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

House of Heroes

Dan here. That sounded like an old person thing to say. Allow me to start again. Yo, D-Bo here. That's better. Anyway, life has been good and busy lately. Today we are going to sign the final documents on our new house and we should be able to get the keys this week. There is a bunch of stuff we are going to do (work-wise) before be move in, but we are shooting for a mid-May move. The school year is almost over (wishful thinking) and it has been a great year. I got a pink slip a couple weeks ago along with 25 other teachers from my school (our staff consists of only 40 or so teachers). I am optimistic that I will be rehired at Dougherty in the fall. I love working there and have been really blessed this year with great students and teachers to work alongside. It would be a huge bummer to not be at Dougherty next year so I would love your prayers. The MSM has been going really well. I feel like the students are really growing closer to God, which is obviously the goal of the ministry and it has made the past month or so really rewarding. We got back from our snow trip on Sunday and you can check out the first part of the video above. Below you will see a pic of our new abode. We are excited!