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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Best of 2010

2010 was a year that found me spending more time with family, filming and school, and less time blogging. In what I like to call the "real world," I think this trade off has been healthy. Tate is transitioning from a little boy to a kid, which is fun, hilarious, surreal and bittersweet. It's actually a whole lot more than that, but I didn't want to keep adding adjectives. Lyla is starting to show glimpses of the young lady she will become and it would appear as though we are in for a future of exciting highs and dramatic lows. She is an adorable young lady who demands attention. Though the blog has been all but neglected this year, in keeping with tradition, I have decided to make my annual list of best-ofs and favorites (so original, huh?). Here it goes. Actually, here are some cute recent pictures of the kids first.
Movies of the year.
I decided not to number them or place them in any specific order because my love for them varies by the day.

The King's Speech
127 Hours
Toy Story 3
True Grit
The Fighter

(Movies I have yet to see and therefore cannot rate: The Town, The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, Winter's Book)

Worst movie of the year
Remember Me (If only I could forget how awful this overly sappy, poor attempt at indie/artsy film, this thing was).

TV show(s) of the year.
Contrary to popular belief, I actually do not watch a ton of TV because time doesn't really allow it. However, there were a few shows that we made time for this year.

I can honestly say I was satisfied with the finale, especially the more I thought about it after I watched it. I started with the show from the beginning and although all of the questions weren't answered, I am content with the holes they did plug.

Friday Night Lights
Although Battlestar Galactica claims the top spot in my all-time favorite shows, FNL is not far behind. The show combines stellar acting, excellent editing, music and cinematography is a way that few shows come close to matching. I love Peter Berg's style and am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the lovely people of Dillon after this season.

The Sing Off
I suppose I could file this under my guilty pleasure category, but this show had Mel and me (yes it's me, not I) hooked for 3 weeks this winter. The people were/are freakishly talented and we were highly entertained. Looking forward to next December's installment.

Songs of the year.
I bought less music this year than in year's past, but these are the songs that were stuck in my head for a while.

"Crossfire" - Brandon Flowers
"Skeleton Bones" - John Mark McMillan
"Ten Thousand" - John Mark McMillan
"Bamboo Bones" - Against Me!
"Birds" - Deas Vail
"Boots" - The Killers
"Beautiful Things" - Gungor
"You Wouldn't Have to Ask" - Bad Books
"Carousel" - Paper Route
"Kings and Queens" - 30 Seconds to Mars (I really wish I was lying. -5 indie cool points)
"So Far Away" - House of Heroes
"I Want to be Well" - Sufjan Stevens

and my #1 song of the year...
"Far Away" - Lecrae
This songs was released as a benefit track for Haiti relief. I liked the song prior to going to Haiti in March, but it really became an anthem for me upon my arrival there. I let several Haitian people I met listen to my iPod and they all wanted to hear the song. Each time I hear it, I am brought back to Port au Prince and am reminded of the people there and the hardships they are still enduring.

Album(s) of the year.
"The Medicine" - John Mark McMillan
I know this was a re-release but I heard it for the first time in 2010 and fell in love with it. "Ten Thousand" and "Skeleton Bones" are incredible songs.

"White Crosses" - Against Me!

"My Dinosaur Life" - Motion City Soundtrack

Concert/Show of the year.

I didn't get to go to as many shows this year, but there were a couple that stood out. Mae was nostalgic. Rocky Votolato was a nice reunion, but I preferred the previous year's outdoor ranch show. Brandon Flowers was pompous and he only played for 35 minutes, but sounded good nonetheless. The runner-up for show of the year was the "Where's the Band Tour" featuring lead singers from various bands I love (Thrice, Saves the Day, Bayside, The Get Up Kids). I went to the show on January 10 with Charlie and it was incredible. Dustin Kensrue covered a Tom Waits song called "Down There By the Train" and it was probably one of the best songs I have ever heard performed live. I may have even teared up a bit. The number one show of the year had to be Sufjan Stevens though. Mel and I saw him in Oakland and it was whimsical, bizarre and wonderful.

* Dustin Kensrue, Chris Conley, Anthony Raneri, and Matt Pryor @ Slims (1.10.10)
* Rocky Votolato House Show 2 @ the Ranch (7.27.10)
* Brandon Flowers @ Slim's (8.19.10)
* Sufjan Stevens @ Paramount Theater (10.25.10)
* Mae Farewell Tour @ Bottom of the Hill (11.10.10)

Family experience of the year.
This a tie between our family Hawaii trip and Disneyland.
It was quite wonderful going to Hawaii with the family and I look forward to heading back there this year. Check out this video if you have not already.

It was almost magical taking the kids to Disneyland for the first time. They absolutely loved it and the video ended up being one of my favorite things I have edited.

Personal Experience(s) of the year.
Another tie. I did the Wildflower Triathlon in May and that was a great personal achievement after 6 long months of training. I plan to run it again this May. However, I think traveling to Haiti had the greatest lasting impact on me. I went there to film with Barley, Matt Pine, Jake and Steve Foster and I still am struck by the memories and images I captured there. The devastation was overwhelming and it has been awful to see the ongoing difficulties facing the country since the quake (poverty, cholera, violence, etc). This video is probably my favorite thing I have ever edited: